Industrial Wiping Rags

Cloth Wiper in Tissue Box

H.S. Rags have added a new dimension in Rags Industry by supplying cloth rags in a tissue box. Each piece of rag is cut into specific size, demagnetised, folded and packed in a tissue box and dispensed in tissue box order. This product has been specifically designed to cater for the household use.

No more bulk buying worries of wipers for household users nor any hasseles of keeping wipers intact. These boxes can be kept at tables, kitchen tops, restrooms, study and living rooms.

Our tissue box wipers are available in the superstores throughout Australia. Soon we will be launching this product in Europe, UAE and Canada.

Features of these boxes are:

  • 80 pcs in a tissue box
  • Dispensed in tissue folding manner
  • Gross weight including box is 1.65 kg
  • Cloth wiper is 100% cotton, fully absorbent
  • Fit for human handling
  • Cost effective
  • Under budget
  • Best value for household cleaning