Industrial Wiping Rags

Terry Towel Wiper in Box

H.S. Rags have always pioneered in developing products that suits customers need. TerryH.S. Terry Box Towel Wipers in a Tissue Box is yet another addition for household and Industrial cleaning industry. More convenient in dispensing in similar manner as the tissue. Made out of 100% cotton fully absorbent exact cut terry wipers are used for household cleaning, industrial cleaning, used in car garages for polishing, kitchen to be used as kitchen towels and workshops for precession use.

Our terry towel wipers are neat, clean and fit for human handling. Terry piles help clean hard and soft surface and wipers all sorts of dust, dirt, oil, grease, paints and liquid substances.H.S. Terry box1 These terry wipers can be washed and reused numerous times as these are capable of withstanding institutional laundering.

Features of these terry wipers are:

  • 50 pcs in a square box
  • Dispensed in tissue box manner
  • Gross weight including box is 1.75 kg
  • Terry wiper is 100% cotton, fully absorbent
  • Fit for human handling
  • Cost effective
  • Under budget
  • Best value for household cleaning
  • Capable of Institutional laundering for reuse