Bird & Pigeon Feed

Pakistan Best Birds Feed

Pellets Meal: Rhodes pellets, wheat husk pellets, rice husk pellets, wheat bran & pellets. Produced in highly hygiene manner taking care of natural ingredients and crude protein making perfect feed meal for the animals.

Bird & Pigeon Feed: Mixed and sorted bird and pigeon feed packed and exported to number of destinations worldwide. Red Sorghum, Yellow Sorghum, Green Millet - Bajra, Yellow Millet - Berseem Clover Seed, Green Mung Bean - Green Mong, Oats Seed ( Paddy Hulled Rice), Yellow Maize (corn) Large, Yellow Maize (corn) small, Yellow Corn - Cracked, Vitch Seed, Safflower - white, Barley (Jao), Wheat - Red winter wheat, Linseed, Mustard - Black, Hemp Seed, Paddy Rice - Round, Rap seed, Dun Peas, Chick peas – small ball, black, medium and big ball, Canary Seed, Mixed Seeds