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Agricultural Commodities are sourced, managed, and distributed by H.S. Group. We are an organization with a solid reputation on the global stage. The entity is specialized in facilitating the quick transportation of commodities and has a strong eye for expertise across several locations. By utilizing its advantageous position and extensive network, H.S. Group offers the greatest agricorps from across the globe.


Through the Agricorps division, H.S. Group facilitates and promotes the distribution of export-quality high-standard agricultural goods. Our agricorps products majorly cater to livestock, Pakistani Halal Meat, Animal Feeds, Pakistani Fruits & Vegetables, Bird Feeds, and other FMCG products i.e. fast-moving consumer goods.


Our Best Services

Chiefly our Pakistani fruits & Vegetables exports globally. Our signature products include Pakistani Mangoes, Kinnow, Potatoes, & red onions.
Besides Pakistani Halal Meat, and poultry meat. H.S. Group also exports livestock such as Sheep, Goats, Cows, Buffalo, Camel, And Horses.
For any local and global commodities from all kinds of tea, coffee, wheat, flour, oil seeds, dry fruits, etc. H.S. Group specializes in nearly all items you need.
The Animal Feeds part of the Agricorps division of the H.S .Group sells top-quality Rhodes grass, corn silage, wheat straw, wheat bran, corn, and maize to the global market importers.
H.S. Group has expertise in mixed and sorted pigeon and bird feed packed and exported to a number of destinations worldwide.
High-quality pre-cooked meal pellets will soon be available from our food and snacks business. You can find them here in FMCG Distribution by H.S. group.

Our Best Brands



Premium Export

Agricorp under the umbrella of H.S. Group believes in adopting changes which makes us the first one to bring in advance technologies in our system.

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