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Exploring Essential Building Materials for Construction and Design

The most trusted building materials Suppliers in Pakistan is H.S. Group. We supply cement, structural steel, steel bars, hardware/ tools, timber, and lumber as well as other building materials. Our supplies have been particularly made to meet the need of construction sites.

Strong Building Materials

H.S. Group carries a full range of commercial and residential building materials, and our professional crew is fully trained to deliver to commercial sites as per the need of each building.
Building Materials

Our Best Services

timber & lumber
Get the best building materials through H.S. Group. We are among the top distributor of building wood.
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H.S. Group provides our esteemed customers with a first-rate selection of scaffolding and pipe safety.
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Internationally standardized galvanized iron pipes with a reasonable cost yet best in quality.
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H.S. Group supplies a wide variety of cement that is usable for both foundation and design aims.
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Clinker is a major component of cement, and is best delivered by H.S. Group to strengthen every project.
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Reducing the chances of cracks in the structure, H.S. Group globally exports the finest aggregate quality.
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Easily shaped according to your project structure, H.S. Group has market-competitive structural steel.
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H.S. Group is constructively supplying a large amount of high-quality cast iron scrap to the world.
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Premium Export

As per the industry growth, H.S. Group is increasing its number of building materials without compromising the quality of any products. We are trusted by numerous builders, contractors, architects, and homeowners.