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Exclusive cleaning and safety solutions provided by H.s. Group are necessary to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment on the industrial premises. H.S. Group is the leading exporter of industrial cleaning and safety goods. Whether you need any sort of rags such as wiping rags, cotton yarn waste, cleaning rags, cotton wiping rags, etc., or any kind of safety gloves and leather gloves.

Durable Industrial cleaning and safety

With a lot of different industrial cleaning and safety supplies. Let H.S. Group know the implementation of your wish to use safety shoes, safety gear, coveralls, or cleaning industrial supplies. So, We can help you out with the right needs for the task.

Industiral Cleaning & Safety

Our Best Services

Wiping rags are necessary to have for clean-up and wiping off any apparatus. Our wiping rags have white or colored T-shirt rags, light cotton rags, sweatshirt rags, cleaning rags, and others.
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In industrial cleaning and security, safety gloves have been the most crucial pieces that one can have to be safe. That is why H.S. Group has all working gloves like leather gloves, welding gloves, drill gloves, cut resistance gloves, etc.
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Workers who wear safety coveralls are better protected from a variety of occupational risks. We are Pakistan's top provider of safety coveralls.
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saftey shoes
Top safety shoe supplier that provides quality products at reasonable prices. H.S. Group provides various types and sizes of safety shoes to protect you from outside hurdles.
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saftey gear supplier
H.S. Group is a registered and popular dealer of safety gear at an unbeatable price. We provide products from reliable sources and are prominent to keep the packaging safe.
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Our Best Brands



Superior Export

Our brand H. S. Rags is very popular among industrial consumers as we believe in quality industrial supplies. H. S. Rags has the outstanding capacity to pack nearly 10,00,000 kilograms of cleaning material.