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At H.S. Group, we are determined to our Client’s Satisfaction. The company offers the best agricorp, industrial cleaning/ safety, mines/ minerals, IT solutions, and much more. In addition to it, a variety of potential clients and well-known states receive on-the-mark supply chain control from us. H.S. Group closely collaborates with its clients to help them in the Middle East, South-East Asia, and worldwide. We have a keen awareness and an understanding of agriculture, agro-commodities, shipping, and logistics so we’ve got the guts to deal with them all.

Our Aim and Purpose

Our aims and purposes are so simple i.e. to make international trade smooth and easy. Yet not compromising on export quality goods, packaging, and product reliability.

Pride and Achievements of H.S. Group

100 +

Happy Clients

We own 200+ satisfied customers.

100 +
In-time Project Completion

645+ successfully completed projects.

100 +
Trusted Dealer

100% quality products approved by 843+ customer reviews.

Core Values of H.S. Group

The core conducting values of H.S. Group is P.E.R.F.E.C.T. These perfect values make us the finest solution to collaborate with.


In all of our interactions with associates, business contacts, and customers, H.S. Group upholds a strict code of ethics. We stay pure in our products to conducts.


We are driven to succeed in whatever we attempt, both individually and collectively. H.S. group has a dedicated soul that will keep you satisfied.


Customer value and reliability are the keywords we work on. H.S. Group believes that being trusted is a journey and not the final destination.  


H.S. Group is in business for more than a decade. That is why we know and are familiar with the international market making us a proud dealer from Pakistan.


Eminency is a responsibility as well as a good service to have. H.S. Group is in the market to serve you with high-quality export standard goods and services.


We are motivated to support everyone involved with us in achieving tremendous success in what product they seek. We are highly target-oriented and competent in the market.


We think that the foundation of solid and meaningful relationships well as enduring loyalty—is honesty, candor, and transparency.

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