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Everything You Need to Know About the most demand Fruits in Pakistan

Welcome to H.S. Group, your trusted partner in the export industry. Join us on an exciting journey as we delve into the abundant world of popular fruits in Pakistan. From the juicy sweetness of mangoes to the tangy zest of citrus fruits, we’ll explore the rich flavors, nutritional benefits, and export potential of these delightful fruits.

Best Pakistani fruits exporter:

Pakistan is one of the very lucky nations this is talented with abundant herbal resources and fertile terrain. Some of the maximum popular fruits in Pakistan are produced locally and also are exported to different nations

Given that fruit is a great source of nutrients and minerals, it enables you to save your diet A and C deficiency which is why fruit remains a famous food in almost all regions.

H.S. Group, Pakistan’s biggest Fruit and Agricorp exporter in the world, brings you a listing of famous fruits in Pakistan. Let’s take a glance.

pakistani fruits and vegetable

Popular Fruits in Pakistan:

The majority of horticulture produce in Pakistan is fed locally. The local demand for the common fruits will increase proportionally with the boom in population and their popularity of dwelling.

Approximately 90% of the fruit is eaten up regionally and 6% is exported. The remaining is processed into value-delivered merchandise inclusive of pulps, juice, concentrates, and frozen, and preserved items like drinks, jams, jellies, and pickles.

Here are some of the common and most popular fruits of Pakistan:

pakistani kinnow
pakistani mangoes

1.     The King of Fruits: Mango

Mangoes hold a special place in Pakistani culture and are known for their exceptional taste and fragrance. Pakistan boasts a wide variety of Pakistani mangoes, including Sindhri, Chaunsa, Anwar Ratol, and more. These mangoes are cultivated in different regions, with each variety offering a unique flavor profile and texture. Learn about the best mango-growing regions, the ideal time to enjoy these tropical treats, and the stringent quality standards followed for export purposes.

2.     Zesty Citrus Delights: Oranges and Kinnows

Citrus fruits, such as oranges and Pakistani kinnows, are a significant part of Pakistan’s fruit basket. Discover the different types of oranges grown in the country, including Valencia, Malta, and Blood oranges, each offering its distinct taste and nutritional benefits. Dive into the world of Pakistani kinnows, which have gained international acclaim for their tangy sweetness and high juice content. Explore the export procedures, including quality control measures and packaging standards, ensuring that these citrus delights reach global markets in their prime condition.

3.     The Sweetness of Guava: Tropical Treat

Guava, with its sweet and tropical flavor, is a popular fruit in Pakistan. Learn about the cultivation practices, regions known for producing high-quality guavas, and the unique taste that sets Pakistani guavas apart. Discover the health benefits of this fiber-rich fruit and the export potential it holds. Gain insights into market demand and export strategies to ensure the success of guava exports.

4.     Heavenly Citrus Aroma: Pakistani Lemons

Pakistani lemons exhibit a refreshing citrus aroma and a tangy flavor.. Explore the different varieties of lemons cultivated in Pakistan, including the popular Pakistani sweet lime. Uncover the various culinary uses of lemons and their health benefits. Delve into the export market for Pakistani lemons, including packaging considerations and the challenges faced in maintaining the fruit’s quality during transit.

5.     Exotic Tropical Paradise: Papaya and Pineapple

Experience the tropical paradise that Pakistani papayas and pineapples offer. Discover the distinct flavor profiles of these fruits and their nutritional value. Learn about the regions where these fruits thrive and the export logistics involved in ensuring their freshness reaches international markets. Explore the growing global demand for these exotic fruits and how H.S. Group can help you tap into this lucrative market.

6.     Nature’s Sweet Jewel: Pomegranate

Pomegranates, with their jewel-like arils and tart-sweet taste, have gained popularity worldwide. Pakistan is known for producing high-quality pomegranates, with varieties like Kandhari and Anar Kali being widely appreciated. Gain insights into the cultivation regions, the health benefits associated with pomegranates, and the export regulations governing their shipment. Discover the market opportunities and strategies for successfully exporting Pakistani pomegranates.

7.     Crisp and Refreshing: Apples and Grapes

Pakistan’s moderate climate provides suitable conditions for growing apples and grapes. Explore the different varieties of apples and grapes cultivated in the country, their flavor profiles, and the storage techniques to maintain their crispness and taste. Learn about the challenges faced in exporting these fruits, including maintaining quality standards throughout the supply chain. Discover H.S. Group’s expertise in overcoming these challenges and ensuring the successful export of Pakistani apples and grapes.


With H.S. Group as your trusted partner, you can explore the diverse and delightful world of popular fruits in Pakistan. From mangoes and citrus fruits to guavas, lemons, papayas, pineapples, pomegranates, apples, and grapes, there’s an abundance of flavors waiting to be discovered. Benefit from our expertise in exporting high-quality products to global markets. Experience the taste of Pakistani fruits with H.S. Group.