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Rhodes Grass: A Nutritious Feed Option for Livestock

Sowing and Growth:

When it comes to sowing nutritional benefits of Rhodes Grass, its lightweight seeds require special attention to ensure even distribution. To achieve optimal results, a recommended technique is to mix the seeds with sawdust, approximately double its weight, before sowing. Utilizing a grain seed drill can help overcome the challenge of sowing the seeds evenly. Broadcasting the seed mixture onto a well-prepared surface and gently rolling it in May provides the best outcomes. Rhodes Grass is known for its impressive yield potential, offering 450 to 600 quintals of fodder through 5-6 cuttings per year. Additionally, this grass spreads through running branches that root and produce tufts, providing a renewable source of grazing material. In this article we are gonna see nutritional benefits of Rhodes Grass.

Rhodes Grass (Chloris Gayana), also known as African Lovegrass, is a versatile perennial grass that originates from South Africa. This remarkable grass not only thrives in various environments but also provides a valuable source of nutritious feed for livestock, making it an ideal choice for animal nutrition and feed management.

Nutritional Value

Nutritional Value:

Rhodes Grass is highly regarded for its leafy and palatable characteristics, making it a preferred choice for animal feed. With its rich nutritional composition, Rhodes Grass contributes to the overall well-being and productivity of livestock. It contains approximately 8-10% crude protein and 32% crude fiber during the fresh late vegetative stage. Notably, Rhodes Grass boasts a total digestible nutrient content of 55.0%, ensuring that animals receive a balanced and nutritious diet.

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Best Quality Rhodes Grass provider worldwide

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